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How I met CouchDB

2010-07-14 22:35

It was a Saturday in late April 2008, I was sitting on my Laptop in my 5m² room down under. Chatting with some German people I used to chat with for about 8 years by that time. Suddenly I discover that Jan is there, who I haven't talked with for years. Wondering why he was in there, he replied that he wanted to brag about his apache.org email address. This is how I found out about CouchDB.

After several long discussions with Jan I finally wrapped my head around the document oriented concept. I was blown away, it was exactly what I would have liked to use on so many occasions at my one year internship at a geospatial company. Though CouchDB wasn't ready, I needed spatial indexing. One week later I had a first idea of how such an extension might look like.

And only 2 years later I'm really involved in CouchDB and people actually start using GeoCouch :) I'd like to use this blog post to thank the developers and the whole community, it's been a great time and the IRC channel just kicks ass. You all helped to make CouchDB 1.0 possible!

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By Volker Mische

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