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List function editing in Futon

2009-07-19 22:35

Futon is the graphical administration interface for CouchDB. It’s nice and slick for browsing and editing views, but there is one feature missing: you can’t edit _list functions in similar fashion. You need to edit them as JSON strings.

As I wanted to play a bit with _list, I’ve created a branch which implements such an interface. Its usage should be quite self-explanatory. Just select a _view, from there you can switch to the "List" tab to create or edit a _list function.

You can get my futon-list branch at GitHub. Instead of using git, you can also download the share/wwww directory (click on the download button within the ‘share/www’ directory) and unpack it over your current source.

In case you wonder why your _list function doesn’t work, the API has changed for CouchDB 0.10.

Screenshot of the _list interface in Futon

Screenshot of the _list interface in Futon

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